Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Latest additions to my slowly-becoming-greener household

Here's some small things that will, over time, make a difference. A knitted dishcloth, knitted from 8ply cotton, so I dont have to buy any more blue thin cleaning cloths that dont have any real grip to them - both of which are instead of using paper towel in all but the GROSSEST kitchen clean-up jobs.

And the start of my herb (and hopefully, eventually vegetable) garden - rocket, coriander, and basil. Fresh herbs are the best - and there's no food transport miles :)

I have thoughts running around in my head about ways to use up my fabric/wool stash too .... now to bring those thoughts to fruition!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ever been really busy, but have not that much to show for it?

That seems to be my life right now. I've been busy sewing, but for everyone apart from me and my family! I've been busy making nappies for friends for babies who are already here and who are very nearly almost here - so as the mummas due dates drew closer and closer the pressure has been on!

Newborn pocket fitted nappies and covers with gussets for one friend - she has in total 6 newborn fitteds and four covers (plus other nappy options)


I have 4 small fitteds, 2 small covers, 4 medium fitteds, 2 medium covers, and 7 one-size pockets left to make for her. Plus whatever else I can make out of the materials she's bought.

One-size nappies for another friend.

There's 7 one-size pockets left to make for her and her sister-in-law (they're each taking 7 or 8 pockets and going to be using them on their bubs at home .... I'm hoping once they see how easy it is they'll go fulltime, but part-time is better than not at all :) )

A medium pocket fitted for my little one made out of cotton velour towelling and bamboo velour. Not nearly enough absorption but is ok stuffed with a normal daytime insert as her first mega-wee day nappy.

A black belt i made for myself to go over a cool tunic dress i bought. It was fun making something for myself for once!

B's mega night time soaker out of the $2-per-ball wool finally finished - its washed though so looks a tad out of shape in the pic.

And the longies that had a slight wasit problem ........ they were meant to be medium shorties but when i measured them after all the late-night knitting I realised I've made a few very fatal measuring errors - and so now they're newborn longies! Still proud of them though, they're my first complete dyed and knitted project (apart from a knitting needle holder I made a long time ago).

So whats next? Well, finishing all the nappies I have to make for friends, making some for me, dyeing, knitting, thinking about Christmas presents ..... its definately all happening!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Checkin' in on my bubs 1st birthday

Wow, it's been aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages since last i posted. Its been a hectic month - my bubba is 1 today (!!!) and so I've been doing lots of party stuff, as well as getting my unit ready for a rental inspection which is always fun.

In terms of making stuff - I've been busy still but just havent had as much time as I'd like to do stuff (like thats any different to normal though!) Perhaps the most emotion charged part of things I've been making are some longies I've been knitting out of the pastel wool I dyed. I'd decided to knit the longies for my bub for her to wear at her first birthday party - I even bought a shirt to match them! There I was, the night before her party, sitting down to finish the longies that I'd dyed the wool especially for so my bub would have something mummy made for her party. And I was feeling really proud of myself.

And then I saw this ....

What's wrong you ask? Well let me show you ....

The short rows for the bum shaping are in the centre of the front and back, instead of on the sides where they're meant to be!!!! AAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH. I honestly felt like crying ..... so I'll have to undo the leg I've knitted and start again from the crotch.
So she wore jeans to her party instead :)

Other stuff I've been doing ..... I undid the sock I was knitting, I decided (after doing the shaping for the heel) that I didnt love the 8ply for socks, so I might have bought some sock wool .... the 8ply seasockwool will probably end up as a soaker or longies or hat or something.

I've been making pockets for my friends nappy stash. All to a one-size pattern, so she'll be able to use them hopefully from birth till her bubba toilet trains.

And here is a picture of the most beautiful, time consuming, emotionally challenging, fulfilling, inspiring, wonderful thing I've ever had the blessing to be included in the creation of :) She's 1 today.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Sewing for a new baby, and a brand new sock!

I've been doing some sewing/knitting for a friends baby shower I went to on the weekend. She had a children's library theme, so I did buy her books, but also couldnt resist making other stuff too!

So I bought her 3 Enid Blyton books - The Enchanted Wood, The Wishing Chair, and The Wishing Chair again. I wanted to buy her the Magic Faraway Tree but couldnt find it in the edition that matched these other ones. I also made her a small nappy, and I made the Tiny Happy bag out of denim and spotty baby blue fabric (she's having a boy). I really enjoyed sewing this bag, it was really cool to make something different for a change, and also something that I will be able to make for myself too!
And inside the bag I put all this stuff - Wetbag (for nappies, wet clothes, bibs etc when you're out), Newborn earflap hat out of Shepherd Colour4Me 8ply wool, a change mat out of Pul and microfleece, 3 bibs, 6 pairs of breastpads, and 3 scrummy face washers made out of bamboo velour and BKT.

And here it is .... drumroll please .... the start of my first ever sock! It's in 8ply on 3.25mm dpn's, out of the wool I dyed, which is knitting into a cool spiral pattern. Off to knit some more on it :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Dyeing, knitting, running out of wool ....

I've been having quite a creative few days really! I've been dyeing my wool ... this one's called "princess pastels" dyed with food colouring ....

and this one's "seasockwool", dyed with food colouring. Will probably fulfil its destiny and become my first pair of knitted socks.

I finished the small soaker in the wool that I had lying around ... don't know now if I can be bothered embroidering the back!

I ran out of wool on a large soaker I've been knitting to go over my bub's giant night nappies .... the wool was $2 a ball on sale, and I dont know if there'll be any more when I go back! I suppose I can always just rip it out and start again on something else.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Random thoughts about knitting

I'm actually meant to be cleaning my house right now. I've got good friends coming over for dinner tonight (why is it that randomly every time they've been here, we've had a roast? Actually we probably just save roasts in our freezer until someone is coming over, otherwise it seems a waste for just two and a half of us to eat it). And I REALLY need to clean my house ... *someone* has been computering and sewing and knitting when they should have been being a god housewife. Or at least, a *housewife*, not neccesarily a good one. But that can wait.

I was thinking about the Knitty Level of Difficulty index (scroll down the page) the other day, quite randomly .... and I think I might have progressed. I'd pretty much proudly call myself a TANGY knitter .... which is a big thing for me really, considering I've only re-taken-up knitting since I was pregnant with bub, and she's now almost 1. Obviously, late at night, we all love a bit of MELLOW knitting ..... but I think I'm a little bit tangy now. And I like it :) Thats all.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

5 hours of sewing

and most of it was just getting through the "things to fix" pile! But I did manage to turn this

into these babylegs (basically long legwarmers for babies to make nappy changing easier than if they were wearing pants/tights).

Have been thinking lots about how to dye my wool too ... I just need to clean my kitchen so i can spread it out in there and go for it!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Finally, something for me!

I can't believe it ..... i actually made something for me! I found
this knitty pattern the other day, and the cables scared me ..... but I really liked the gloves, so I thought I'd make them without the cables, but with cool variegated yarn to still give them interest.
By themselves they look awesome ....

but put together ....

So not happy! They have the same amount of stitches, were knitted from the same ball of wool, within 24 hours of each other ..... *sigh*. So now I dont know if I embrace the difference and wear them anyway ..... or just see if anyone else wants them!
But I'm still proud. And a confession .... I bought a cable needle. So one of the next challenges is learning how to cable .... do cables.... however you say it!

And in much more exciting news, my wool has arrived!

It's all for dyeing ... the blue is much more muted in real life, and its all lovely and soft. Each ball is 200g, all from http://www.bendigowoolenmills.com.au. Now, do I spend days thinking about all the possible colourways, or just jump on in ....

Monday, July 16, 2007

Four hours work ....

Well, some REALLY not exciting sewing ..... 12 (one layer burley knit terry (BKT) one layer hemp stretch terry) 30cm x 40cm inserts/flat nappies for a friend's nappy stash for her new bub who's due in October (see the nappy network for more details on modern cloth nappies). While the inserts themselves arent that exciting (though they do have a pretty edge on them) the fact that I've started her stash is!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

What I'm knitting atm ... and what I'm scared to knit!

Here's a soaker that I'm knitting atm ... small size Punk knitters pattern on circulars. I'm planning to embroider either one big star or some small stars on the back of it with the Tekapo Tartan variegated wool next to the soaker (trying to be creative with using up all the little ends of wool I have swirling around the bottom of my knitting bag!)
And here's some beautiful beautiful wool... currently the most expensive wool I've bought ($18AU for 100g!). I so love its slubbiness, the colours .... I'm just trying to find a project worthy of its loveliness :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways

My ode to Punk Knitters :) I love this pattern ..... can you tell??? I THINK I've made at least 12 of this pattern so far .... and I have another one on the needles as we speak.

To knit, perchance, to dye ...

Some pics to share of previous dyeing attempts.

Pink wool dyed with red koolaid (to make pink, and darker pink variegated wool)

I then knitted the wool up into the soaker on the top right hand (newborn size)

Some yellow handwash wool that I dyed with orange koolaid (to make yellow and orange variegated wool).

I then knitted and felted the wool up into a needle holder - there wasn't much of it so i had to think of something smallish!

And the latest attempt - an experiment in how much koolaid NOT to use with 50g of wool. The wool began as a double stranded wool - one strand navy blue, the other a white ---> medium blue colourway. Apparently 2 packets means that you'll get a very strong red colour throughout the whole variegated section, instead of a nice pink ---> purple (double stranded with the navy blue) wool. And it also felted as I was washing it afterwards ....... *sigh*. But I slowly unravelled it and wound it into a ball ..... and will figure out something to do with it eventually!

And a lovely lovely present that I recieved today from a friend who just came back from the states ...... now, to wait for my wool to arrive so I can use this!

When too many is never enough

So what have I been knitting? Soakers, soakers, and more soakers! They're newborn, small, and medium size in the unreal Punk Knitters pattern. I love this pattern - and it gives me a chance to use my addi turbo circular needle for a quick project.
check it out!

From left to right -
Newborn size: 100% wool with leftover 100% wool stripes throughout. I've lost the bands for the main wool ...... but I know its 100% wool because I remember paying for it!
Small size: Cleckheaton Country 100% wool (with leftover wool stripes again!). Love love LOVE this wool.
Medium size: Cleckheaton Country 100% wool in hot pink, and Tekapo Sunshine 100% NZ wool for the cuffs, waistband, and stripes throughout.

My bubba is wearing the medium size over her nightnappy right now, the other two will hopefully find a new home.

And a hat I knitted in acrylic to try out a pattern - so another addition to the project list is knitting this in lovely scrummy wool :)
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