Thursday, July 12, 2007

The next step in the growing obsession ...

It all starts so innocently. You start sewing again, and you discover you like it. So you sew a little ... buy a few metres of fabric ... and then suddenly you've got more fabric than time to do anything with it.
And then you remember that you like knitting. So you start to knit with the acrylic that you have hidden under the bed in a box ... then you use up the real wool that you have randomly strewn through the box ..... then you buy more wool .... then you discover variegated wool ... and circular needles ..... and then you think "I wish I coud find some wool in a different colourway" so you buy some koolaid ... and then suddenly you have to make a blog about knitting and dying wool and other various crafty endeavours because you figure that if you're thinking about this stuff so much, you might as well be telling cyberspace about it.

It's much less likely for cyberspace's eyes to glaze over at the sound of another conversation about wool or going to a fabric store, anyway :)

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