Friday, July 27, 2007

Random thoughts about knitting

I'm actually meant to be cleaning my house right now. I've got good friends coming over for dinner tonight (why is it that randomly every time they've been here, we've had a roast? Actually we probably just save roasts in our freezer until someone is coming over, otherwise it seems a waste for just two and a half of us to eat it). And I REALLY need to clean my house ... *someone* has been computering and sewing and knitting when they should have been being a god housewife. Or at least, a *housewife*, not neccesarily a good one. But that can wait.

I was thinking about the Knitty Level of Difficulty index (scroll down the page) the other day, quite randomly .... and I think I might have progressed. I'd pretty much proudly call myself a TANGY knitter .... which is a big thing for me really, considering I've only re-taken-up knitting since I was pregnant with bub, and she's now almost 1. Obviously, late at night, we all love a bit of MELLOW knitting ..... but I think I'm a little bit tangy now. And I like it :) Thats all.

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