Thursday, July 12, 2007

To knit, perchance, to dye ...

Some pics to share of previous dyeing attempts.

Pink wool dyed with red koolaid (to make pink, and darker pink variegated wool)

I then knitted the wool up into the soaker on the top right hand (newborn size)

Some yellow handwash wool that I dyed with orange koolaid (to make yellow and orange variegated wool).

I then knitted and felted the wool up into a needle holder - there wasn't much of it so i had to think of something smallish!

And the latest attempt - an experiment in how much koolaid NOT to use with 50g of wool. The wool began as a double stranded wool - one strand navy blue, the other a white ---> medium blue colourway. Apparently 2 packets means that you'll get a very strong red colour throughout the whole variegated section, instead of a nice pink ---> purple (double stranded with the navy blue) wool. And it also felted as I was washing it afterwards ....... *sigh*. But I slowly unravelled it and wound it into a ball ..... and will figure out something to do with it eventually!

And a lovely lovely present that I recieved today from a friend who just came back from the states ...... now, to wait for my wool to arrive so I can use this!

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