Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Checkin' in on my bubs 1st birthday

Wow, it's been aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages since last i posted. Its been a hectic month - my bubba is 1 today (!!!) and so I've been doing lots of party stuff, as well as getting my unit ready for a rental inspection which is always fun.

In terms of making stuff - I've been busy still but just havent had as much time as I'd like to do stuff (like thats any different to normal though!) Perhaps the most emotion charged part of things I've been making are some longies I've been knitting out of the pastel wool I dyed. I'd decided to knit the longies for my bub for her to wear at her first birthday party - I even bought a shirt to match them! There I was, the night before her party, sitting down to finish the longies that I'd dyed the wool especially for so my bub would have something mummy made for her party. And I was feeling really proud of myself.

And then I saw this ....

What's wrong you ask? Well let me show you ....

The short rows for the bum shaping are in the centre of the front and back, instead of on the sides where they're meant to be!!!! AAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH. I honestly felt like crying ..... so I'll have to undo the leg I've knitted and start again from the crotch.
So she wore jeans to her party instead :)

Other stuff I've been doing ..... I undid the sock I was knitting, I decided (after doing the shaping for the heel) that I didnt love the 8ply for socks, so I might have bought some sock wool .... the 8ply seasockwool will probably end up as a soaker or longies or hat or something.

I've been making pockets for my friends nappy stash. All to a one-size pattern, so she'll be able to use them hopefully from birth till her bubba toilet trains.

And here is a picture of the most beautiful, time consuming, emotionally challenging, fulfilling, inspiring, wonderful thing I've ever had the blessing to be included in the creation of :) She's 1 today.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Sewing for a new baby, and a brand new sock!

I've been doing some sewing/knitting for a friends baby shower I went to on the weekend. She had a children's library theme, so I did buy her books, but also couldnt resist making other stuff too!

So I bought her 3 Enid Blyton books - The Enchanted Wood, The Wishing Chair, and The Wishing Chair again. I wanted to buy her the Magic Faraway Tree but couldnt find it in the edition that matched these other ones. I also made her a small nappy, and I made the Tiny Happy bag out of denim and spotty baby blue fabric (she's having a boy). I really enjoyed sewing this bag, it was really cool to make something different for a change, and also something that I will be able to make for myself too!
And inside the bag I put all this stuff - Wetbag (for nappies, wet clothes, bibs etc when you're out), Newborn earflap hat out of Shepherd Colour4Me 8ply wool, a change mat out of Pul and microfleece, 3 bibs, 6 pairs of breastpads, and 3 scrummy face washers made out of bamboo velour and BKT.

And here it is .... drumroll please .... the start of my first ever sock! It's in 8ply on 3.25mm dpn's, out of the wool I dyed, which is knitting into a cool spiral pattern. Off to knit some more on it :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Dyeing, knitting, running out of wool ....

I've been having quite a creative few days really! I've been dyeing my wool ... this one's called "princess pastels" dyed with food colouring ....

and this one's "seasockwool", dyed with food colouring. Will probably fulfil its destiny and become my first pair of knitted socks.

I finished the small soaker in the wool that I had lying around ... don't know now if I can be bothered embroidering the back!

I ran out of wool on a large soaker I've been knitting to go over my bub's giant night nappies .... the wool was $2 a ball on sale, and I dont know if there'll be any more when I go back! I suppose I can always just rip it out and start again on something else.
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