Saturday, May 24, 2008

now i know why i was a bit cranky and tired ...

my bub arrived one day after I last posted here! but I was doing lots of things to get ready for his arrival ....

some pajamas for my little one ... and lots of other things. that i'll post here if i can find the photos.

Friday, May 16, 2008

the formatting on the last post isnt perfect but i forgot i was fixing it and now i have new stuff to put on here *rollingmyeyesatmyself*

not that anyone cares but me, but yanno .... :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So what have I done in the last two months?

Some knitting ....
An earflap hat for my bub who's arriving in around 3 months (eek!) .... yet to put the ties on.


Some small longies for the new bub, the picture has come out very bizarrely - the yellow is much more muted and doesn't glow in real life! Knitted with the green/blue seasockwool I dyed with Koolaid and yellow Bendigo Woolen Mills wool. They also have a gusset - my first gusset in longies and I now will be doing them in every pair from now on (thanks Nova from TNN for posting her instructions on the "Angel" gusset)

Nappies for various friends - made from Ditto's One-size nappy pattern.

This one is my first minky nappy (for a friend) - think I'll have to get some for me!

This one I really like as well - but again, its for a friend. The pul is poly, so its lovely and stretchy and will fit better than normal non-stretchy puls.
Finally finished two dishcloths, one for me, one for DH (so he can clean around his coffee machine - hopefully!)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

A new night nappy :)

I spent the day sewing night nappies for my bub today - making one from scratch and putting new elastic in two which had definately lost the ability to hold in the poo!
I traced this nappy off one which I bought .... but I'm not selling it, so I'm not completely evil.
It's an outer layer of blue bamboo velour, hidden layer bamboo fleece, inner black microfleece.

There's an external (outside the nappy) booster of four layers of hemp fleece, overlocked together in 2x2 layers so it'll dry faster, and snapped onto the outside of the nappy.

There's an internal snap-in soaker of one layer microfleece and microfibre, then two layers of bamboo fleece, again sewn in 2x2 layers for quicker drying. I like to put the microfibre directly underneath the microfleece so there's little or no chance of it rubbing anywhere on bubs, but it still absorbs the liquid quickly to go into the bamboo underneath.

The nappy in its two settings - smaller for a smaller bub, bigger for a bigger bub. It SHOULD be a "one-size" but we'll see over time if I can use it on my new bub and my other little one who will then be 21 months.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A new year of blogging begins

It's yet again been a long time since I've updated this. I do often think of my blog; i checked out alot of blogs close to Christmas trying to get inspiration for lovely homemade Christmas presents for family. I found ALOT of inspiration but somehow didnt find the time to make many of the things that I found, so I settled for eco-shopping bags (which I made with this pattern
and also some more of these knitted dishcloths - this one is mine though! This one is made from 100% bamboo yarn; the ones I gave away were cotton, cotton/bamboo blends, and bamboo. I knitted them all to the same pattern - it was much easier on my brain that way! I'm sure I'll branch out into another pattern one day.

Some nappies I finished awhile ago for a friend - still lots to finish though. 

A bag I made for a friend's birthday, again from the tiny happy pattern. Both fabrics had a bit of stretch to them, so the bag itself doesn't have much body/shape to it, which I wasnt happy with, but its just another thing to learn for next time. Next time, it'll be either stretchy fabrics + interfacing, or at least one of the fabrics will be a bit stiffer. 

Don't think I've announced this on here yet .... but I'm pregnant with our second child :) And if I have announced it already, thats just proof that pregnant brain is here to stay! I've really only just popped in the last month or so (I'm 21 weeks now) and I realised I had nothing to wear! (yes, a typical female problem, but exaccerbated by the fact that last time I was pregnant it was the opposite season to now, so I have lots of warm winter maternity clothes but no summery cool things). So I made up this skirt from some fabric I'd bought that I'd fallen in love with at the store .... it was originally purchased for bags but instead inspired me to make the first piece of clothing I've made for myself since the pajamas I made in high school sewing class :) I made up the pattern from random snippets of information I had in my head about skirt patterns ... not ENTIRELY happy with the result, but I was proud of myself for doing it anyway, and I think I'll wear it, so thats something in itself!

Now for my debut cooking post. I received a bench-top mixer (also known as a MixMaster) for Christmas and decided to take it out of its box to make a citrus meringue pie (from the recipe book that came with it) to take to a friend's house for New Years Eve. While the meringue wasn't as tall as it could have been, it was pretty good for a hot day, and the finished product was indeed yummy (and it even survived the car-ride there, with a lady trying to run into our car and everything!)
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