Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So what have I done in the last two months?

Some knitting ....
An earflap hat for my bub who's arriving in around 3 months (eek!) .... yet to put the ties on.


Some small longies for the new bub, the picture has come out very bizarrely - the yellow is much more muted and doesn't glow in real life! Knitted with the green/blue seasockwool I dyed with Koolaid and yellow Bendigo Woolen Mills wool. They also have a gusset - my first gusset in longies and I now will be doing them in every pair from now on (thanks Nova from TNN for posting her instructions on the "Angel" gusset)

Nappies for various friends - made from Ditto's One-size nappy pattern.

This one is my first minky nappy (for a friend) - think I'll have to get some for me!

This one I really like as well - but again, its for a friend. The pul is poly, so its lovely and stretchy and will fit better than normal non-stretchy puls.
Finally finished two dishcloths, one for me, one for DH (so he can clean around his coffee machine - hopefully!)
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