Wednesday, June 3, 2009

knitting and tv

A short post about what I do while I'm knitting - watch tv! Bear in mind that I'm from Australia so the show names might not mean anything, but I'll do my best to explain the gist.

I find that depending on what I'm knitting, the choice of tv to watch is either very important (for mindless circular knitting) or not at all (my feeble attempts at lace or perhaps a sock with dpn's). I find it rather soothing to knit while watching a reality show called MasterChef (cooks trying to beat each other while cooking delicious food!) - somehow the combination of a cook creating cuisine on tv and my creation of various knitted objects seems to sit really well with me. 

But I realised something was strange last night - I was watching the show Underbelly (a crime show about the criminal underworld in Melbourne in the late 90's-2004ish) while knitting a little green sock for my little girl - it just didnt match! I'm not entirely sure what I thought I should have been doing while watching Underbelly ... but knitting a child's sock in a happy green just didn't match up. Maybe if it was black? Had skulls on it? Who knows.

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