Monday, November 16, 2009

Another confession to make

What's this then??

That can't be .... QUILTING ... can it??

But this little blogger isn't a quilter .... is she?


Apparently I didn't have enough crafts to not have time to do.

And, not only am I piecing, cutting, buying fabric (even though I started out wanting to use the fabric in my stash ... I was going to be so virtuous!), and buying BATTING of all things. Mmm. Batting. I don't think I knew what that was a few months ago.

Not only that ... but I can't start with something normal and simple like a doll quilt, or a baby quilt, or even a lap quilt ... it has to be a single bed quilt for my little girl. So she'll use it for a long time.


But enough melodrama! I've been cruising blogland and come across some things that really just inspired me to take my love of fabric in another direction - a very addictive, lovely, and in this case, red with touches of yellow, direction :)

One of my new favourite blogs is Amanda Jean. I've been so inspired by her creativity, the amount of WIP's she has and the amount of quilts she's finished, the fact she's doing it all with kids as well ... let me encourage you, it's well worth the read (and the ongoing web-stalking for new posts!)
And it was this quilt with this tutorial that signed the deal for me.

So there you go. A knitter, a sewer, a wool dyer (dye-er?), a cook, a domestic engineer, a worker, and now a quilter. As if there wasn't enough to try to find the time to do! But I am really enjoying it.

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