Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Don't tell my mother...

But I really like gardening. Yup. So much that I lost an hour of my life tonight while weeding, pruning, and watering - but it wasn't a loss, it was totally a gain. I was by myself, the sun was setting, a bird came and sat on the fence and watched me sitting quietly in front of a big patch of weeds that soon became a lovely clear patch of soil.
Perhaps I'll grow some carrots there, or maybe some cucumber, or maybe a watermelon plant. Maybe I'll take down a patch of the white climbing flowery thing that hangs across a piece of lattice on the fence and plant some climbing beans. Maybe I should get a more established Rosemary plant because the cutting really didn't take. Should get into the front garden at some point too.
I love being outside. I love the fix-it high I get when you see a big patch of weeds, and pull them out and reveal the lovely brown underneath. I love seeing the rewards of your labour in such a tangible way. I love things I never realized I would like.
And that's why you can't tell my mother. She might think I'm becoming like her :)
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