Sunday, November 22, 2009

The simple things.

So I'm knitting a blanket square to be a part of a blanket made for someone who needs some love right now.
In my brain, the effort put into the square should be proportionate to my knitting skill level, and to the level of love and support I'm wanting this person to feel. So I picked the wool, and trawled ravelry for the perfect blanket square/dishcloth pattern. The only requirements are that it is made from 100% wool and is 20cm square. I couldn't find anything that was coming close to my self-imposed standards, and I was beginning to get a bit flustered.
And then I stopped.
And realised the reality of the situation- the point is the love that it's made with, not how intricate it is. And not only that, but the joy of creating it, just simply creating, was far from my state of mind at that point, because I was trying to make it so perfect and impressive and wonderful.
So I stopped looking.
And then did this:

And breathed. And just let myself knit.
I even did this to check out my guage (because I do need it to be 20cm square for the sake of the person who'll have to sew them all up!)

And then undid it after checking guage. I cast on 44 stitches in lovely apple green 8ply wool and am doing a very very simple pattern.
And I'm loving it. And am hoping it lifts the spirits if it's recipient when it's done and sewn in along all the other squares knitted with love.

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