Monday, November 16, 2009

Some things to catch up on (since the camera cord is now found!)

Some fingerless gloves to wear on the train while going to work. In winter. Which is when I made these .... about 4 months ago. Knitted from Bendigo Woolen Mills Classic 100% wool.
And I did make two even :)

A lovely swirly dressup skirt made for my little girl while she had rest time one day. The whole skirt is made of fabric strips (from stash, of course) looped onto a black piece of denim type material. Not made for wearing outside the home, but for dressing up and spinning around in (as three year olds love to do).

And finally, just some vegies while I was cooking them. Why? I just love the purple and green yumminess that spanish onion, zucchini and green capsicum create.

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