Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Two creations, both delicious!

Two more important things in my life to share with you all.

Number one gets me through the day, and my palette has forever been altered so I cannot consume any bad or poorly created versions.

Mmm. Coffee.

And number two is more of a group of creativity than a singular creation- desserts! In this case I'll share a picture of an attempt to make a caramel tart. I'd boiled a tin of sweetened condensed milk (still in the tin, in a saucepan, the tin covered with water) to make caramel but I don't think I boiled it for long enough, the caramel turned out very light. I then blindbaked a circle of shortcrust pastry in a muffin tin, poured the caramel in ... Mmm. Very yum.

And yes, it is in my daughter's Winnie the Pooh Royal Doulton cereal bowl :)

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