Monday, November 2, 2009

What once was lost is now found.

Tonight has been an exciting night for this little blogger. I shall present to you in no particular order the reasons why.

1. My children went to sleep at a reasonable hour.

2. I worked out an acceptable outfit to wear to work tomorrow for Melbourne Cup Day (which for those potential non-Aussie readers, is the horse race that stops the nation!).

3. I found a very significant piece of jewelery which I havent seen for the last 2 months. There had been much searching and gnashing of teeth and I was beginning to give up on finding it.

4. I found my camera cord to download my photos onto my computer!!! This is not more exciting than finding my jewelery but is still right up there. 607 photos later (since April of this year) I am now up to date.

5. I downloaded this application for my (new!) iPhone, in which I am currently communicating with you. I forsee alot more blogging in my future as the continuing wonders of modern technology bring my thoughts to the blogosphere. I can almost hear the gasp of excitement from you all :)

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