Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesdays are for sewing

I seem to want to sew on Tuesday nights. So tonight I did :)
I traced a pattern for these pajama shorts for my 18month old from a pair of pants that fit him well. I used a white and green poly-cotton fabric gifted to me from a family members fabric stash that was passed along to me. If they fit well then I'll make some more - I can never find any pajamas for him so he goes to bed in boardshorts or his sister's pjs! All therapy fodder for later I'm sure.

No idea how to turn the image around on this mini-version of iPhone blogger, sorry.

And to practice some quilting techniques, I created this ...

And other side...

The top and bottom are 100% cotton quilting fabric, the binding is a polycotton tomato print that I LOVE, and internally I just sewed 4 layers of polar fleece together. My pattern for all layers was an A4 piece of paper! I used my usual sewing foot and cheated by quilting along the lines of the stripey fabric. My little girl will think this is a quilt for her Barbie, but I made it as a heat pad for my wooden table to put hit things on. I used the binding tutorial from http://www.crazymomquilts.blogspot.com, which was really helpful.

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