Thursday, January 28, 2010

By the way...

The lure got me. I finished it.

The lure of the 'almost' FO

I'm so close to finishing my current wip- this close in fact:

That's the start of the 2-3cms of garter stitch I have to do, then cast off.
But I'm torn.
On the one hand- tired. Ready for bed. Or a shower.
On the other hand- so close! And if I finish this then I can cast on the next project! ;)
Sigh. Am torn. What to do, what to do...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why is it that when I have the time to create...

I don't have the mojo?
Both kids in bed, asleep, 7:52pm. A miracle! But this mummy is tiiiiiiiiiired and feeling just... meh ... about knitting.
Or sewing.
Or folding washing.
Or cleaning the kitchen.
Or even having a bath.

So here's a pic of two sewing fo's- cute 000 singlets for two new bubbas in my periphery. One's name is -onty, and one's is -scar ;)

I was much happier with the 'j' than the 'o'. I bought the singlets and machine appliqued knit fabric onto them, hoping that the knit will stretch nicely with the singlet as they grow.

Meh. Might go knit ....grumble grumble grumble stupid murphy's law grumble grumble...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Catchup from a quiet blogger

Well. Apparently it's been a month-ish since I've updated here! I mean really, it's not like anything major (like Christmas) or distracting (a holiday in another state) has happened in that time ;)
A month of craftiness has yielded many FO's, so let the pictures begin...

A crappy photo (after they were unwrapped!) of my dad's Christmas socks...

A gingerbread house that my daughter and I decorated. I put the house together, and then my job was to put the icing on the lollies, she stuck them on. It took all of my anti-perfectionist willpower to not tell her where to put them, to fill the gaps ... I was proud of myself. We had fun :)

A 6-month size Milo vest in Lincraft 100% wool Cozywool for a friend's not-yet-on-the-outside bubba. Will fit her around wintertime hopefully.

An Ishbel scarf for a friend in Bendigo Woolen Mills Luxury 4ply wool in Purple Storm.

A Kaia Babydoll tunic top for another friend's girl, 12 month size. I cannot get a photo of this that doesn't make it look like crap. Believe me, the bottom is not uneven, and the colours look much nicer in real life.

That's all for now. Promise it won't be a month again till next time :)
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