Sunday, February 21, 2010

Words are pouring out like endless rain into a paper cup...

I watched the movie 'Across the Universe' the other day. If you're a Beatles fan, a fan of musicals, a fan of visually stunning movies, this is a movie for you.
Sigh. Just so lovely.

I made some muesli awhile ago. I love muesli, and I always have copious amounts of rolled oats (you may call them porridge oats) in the cupboard. I found a site that had a way to make them in the slow cooker which seemed like my kind of recipe (mix, knit, remember the muesli, mix, knit, remember the muesli, repeat for 3 hours). So I bought all kinds of yummy things to put in it (pepitas- pumpkin seeds! Lsa, sunflower seeds, other stuff I can't remember), made it ... and meh. Not so great. But here's some pics of the process anyway:

In other news, there's been some bursts of various crafty endeavours happening when I can grab the time. I finished both quilt tops I've had on the go for a little while. Firstly for my boy, this blue/green/brown cot size-ish quilt top:

And another shot of the fabrics:

This one was sewn 100% from stash, which is very pleasing. I made lots if mistakes in this one in terms of measuring things... This is the quilt top that taught me in quilting, 'that's good enough' when sewing an individual block really doesn't cut it when you then have to sew them all together neatly! But the iron is my friend and it's really not anything too noticeable now it's all together.

And this quilt top for my little girl, as blogged about here previously.
Probably about 60% from stash, the other 40% were bought when my 3yo's favourite colour was red like her mum's. Now that it's all together, her favourite colours are pink and purple- perhaps this will have to be for me!

And again:

And again!

I love it. Am quite scared about actually quilting it though.

And finally some knitting- am knitting and knitting and knitting on my first adult project- want to finish it soon ...

My other adult knit (both for me!) is stalled as one of my needles for it is broken and I'm waiting on it's replacement.

Lots of stuff really. Plus work, church, friends, kids, my birthday... Life is full :)

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