Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Green green green

A green post

A new wip, some green toe-up socks ...

My first toe-up socks!

Some green garden growth...
Surprise coriander (because I think it's randomly self-seeded from a few months ago)

And my self-seeded tomato plants replanted in a nice row...

It's not easy being green... ;)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Is the time. In case you were wondering.

Tonight I have been doing this ...

But I can't show you the final product yet as it's for a swap on a forum I frequent. Once all is revealed there, then it will be here also!

This is my Nishbel (Noro Ishbel) that I'm still deciding if I like or not... It's currently blocking so hopefully will get some wonderfully lit fo shots in the next day or so.

In garden news, have planted some zucchini seeds in pots to plant the seedlings out, some strawberry seeds, and have planted some broadbeans directly into the ground. I have a purple climbing spinach plant that is doing well, and some self-sown (also known as sown-by-3yo-child) tomato plants sprinkled through the garden beds.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Guilt for not blogging.
Guilt for not spending enough time with my kids.
Guilt for not keeping in contact with various friends that I'd still like in my life.
Guilt for not eating well enough.
Guilt for not exercising enough.
Guilt for watching too much tv.


Yanno, I just really can't be bothered... At least with the feeling guilty about not blogging.

So here it is, a guilt-free blog post, not bothered about how long it's been since the last time I blogged, since the last time I did whatever. Isn't blogging meant to be on my rules anyway?

Some Sunday Swing socks, check me out on ravelry (latenitecreating) for more details. These are not the colourway I thought they were in the ball, but I've gone through the phases of being unsure, hating them, and now quite liking them.

A Leafy t-shirt (again more details on Ravelry). It's quite heavy in some ways which I think will be good in late autumn/winter.

As I was taking photos of myself, it was difficult to get the whole shirt in the pictures!
But it is not as long as those two photos put together would suggest.
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