Sunday, April 25, 2010

Some FO's to show

My Noro socks, finished in the car so a FO photo taken in the car :) These were a mindless knit, though they were my first toe-up socks, and I did learn therefore a different heel also (which I'm not happy with, but they're done). These socks are more like cousins colourwise than siblings, but I do like them.

A cowl knitted in 8ply stash wool, knitted for a friend's birthday 2 days before, blocked the night before, just dry in time to give it to her. Photo taken before blocking, hence the curliness :)

An Ishbel shawl, knitted as a gift for another friend because she saw me winding the wool into a ball and seemed to really like it :)

And finally a FO that I can't take credit for ...

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