Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sewing, yes that's right, sewing!

I've dusted off the sewing machine... It's certainly been awhile since I sewed anything.
Inspired by Nova at her blog NewlyMade ( I've been sewing some clothes for my kids. And loving it- it feels so good making things that are useful and cute and that take not too long (but more on that later...)
So in order of making...
Some fleece trackpants (size 3) for my girl, flowery fleece from stash.

Some more trackpants, this time for my boy. Both size 2, both fleece from stash.

Some more pants for my boy, but these ones are pretty special. Firstly, they're upcycled from pair of brown cord-ish pants that my husband didn't want anymore, secondly, they're fully lined in yummy stripey knit from stash, they have pockets from a very cool animal print I've been waiting to use... And they took me about 3 hours!
But I really really like them.
Some action shots... They look alot better in real life than in these photos. The bottoms are rolled up as they're a little long, but you can see the lining anyway :)

At the bottom of a slipperydip!

Clearly we went to the park today :)

Tonights effort was a challenge in different ways, but I'm very pleased with the end result.
It's my son's 2nd birthday in 2 days (how is he 2 already!) and my daughter (age 3) had decided that for his present, she wanted to give him a DJ Lance suit (from Yo Gabba Gabba, a favourite in our house at the moment) as she herself has DJ Lance glasses and a hat.
So as I didn't have orange fleece, off we went to the fabric store. Some stash cotton knit was added to the mix, and some double-sided interfacing, and some binding and appliqueing of said cotton knit. The resulting suit, while not technically a DJ Lance suit, is a cool orange size 2 tracksuit, and even though different parts were quite fiddly, I'm glad I persevered with the 4ish hours it took from pattern tracing to final stitches.

Forgive the late-night shadow across the photos.

Back view of pants.

Closeup of star and neck-binding.

Star on the back of the pants.

I've been in retro orange-and-funky-patterned-tracksuit mode all night - if only I had enough material now to make one for myself!

1 comment:

nova_j said...

hey go you!! love the special pants!!!

lol i find the "one hour of sewing per day" idea only actually achieves anything if that is 1hr at the machine, tracing & cutting out is extra!

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