Sunday, May 30, 2010

Winter is here, though it's a few weeks early!

It's been very cold here! The cold weather is completely compatible with knitting, and hot drinks, and pastry treats hot from the oven, which makes me happy :)
And is completely incompatible with washing, which, if I'm being honest, really stresses me out. There's something about dirty washing that gets under my skin, not that it annoys me, but I just can't relax if I see it. The sight of the bottom of my washing basket brings a great relief to my being, but I don't see that sight very often.

In knitting news, I've bought some foam alphabet blocks to be able to block my knitted items more effectively. And I love these blocks! So much so that I blocked this scarf, which was finished about 1-2 years ago but never blocked. 100% wool, approx 5-6 ply, lovely to knit with. No idea of the brand, but I bought it at the Easter Show one year. The pattern is Branching Out from Knitty.

In new FO news, I finished a large size Ishbel shawl in 4ply BWM Luxury in Purple Storm as a gift for a friend. The best part about it is that she's worn it 3 different times in my presence since I gave it to her- definately a way to make a knitter happy!

Have been doing some other gift knitting but can't reveal that yet ;)

And finally quite an old FO to show you. I was a part of a shawl-wool swap on a forum I frequent, and here is what I gave my recipient :)
The wool is BWM Luxury 4ply, dyed with food colouring and Koolaid. Along with that, some fat quarters of 100% cotton fabric and some strawberry chocolate.

And here is what I recieved!
Some yummy dyed 4ply 100% wool, more undyed 4ply wool and some colourblending pens- I was very excited to recieve my package :)

A slightly better pic of the wool colours- very nice!

And now, off to make a hot chocolate and snuggle under a blanket- yay for winter!

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nova_j said...

omg foam puzzle mats! you are a genius!!

nice swap pressies!!

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