Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My small craft-related wish list

No new creations to update here at the moment - am currently stalled on both the knitting and sewing fronts. Now where did that motivation go ....

But I am still yearning after a few things that I thought I'd share with you all.

I have this fantasy that if I had a dressmakers mannequin then sewing my own clothes would be so much easier and I would be more confident in sewing for myself and I would make stylish and funky things.

In reality ... I'm sure it would help! I do really feel unsure about actually fitting things to me as opposed to just sewing with the pattern, and it is very difficult to pin things on yourself after their sewn to try and adjust them.

But expensive. Am keeping an eye on Ebay.

KnitPro (KnitPicks) Deluxe Interchangable Nickel Needle set. Enough said!

Lovely. Useful. Will last a lifetime. Sigh.

A walking foot for my Elna Jublilee sewing machine. I would like to be able to quilt using my machine and it does not have a walking foot or an open-toe darning foot. So I would like one. But even though I can source new ones online I'm quite hesitant to order one for my Elna as it's about 30 years old and I don't want to order the wrong one!

So what's your craft-related wish list?

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nova_j said...

oooo good list!

hmm mine is actually pretty short.. accidentally buying a new spinning wheel last week might have had something to do with that.. (it was reduced to clear $150 for a $300+ wheel!!) but i'd like an Ashford Kiwi Skeiner and a wool winder.

oh and a beautiful craft room of course.

now when will these be delivered??! ;)

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