Friday, June 18, 2010

Spurts of motivation...

Have been feeling a bit of a lack of motivation lately. I've been learning a new position at work which has been taking up alot of my brain space, the kids have been not that settled at night-time so tiredness levels have been up all around.
But enough whining.
I made something for me tonight, yes, me! Shocking I know.

A grey sweatshirt material hoodie, heavily modified from a Unisex Simplicity hoodie pattern (I made size XS but had to take it in alot in the arms, underarms, and sides).
With cute tomato print poly fabric in the hood :)

Excuse the bathroom photos with the washing pile in the background!
I love this fabric!

The best bit is that apart from the thread which I bought to match the grey, it's completely from stash.

And now for some mindless tv knitting, a Milo vest for my boy from reclaimed cotton from a thrift-store sweater.


Anonymous said...

I think the hoodie looks great. Love the tomato fabric :-) Well done.

nova_j said...

wow go you! grown up stuff, very impressive :) looks very snuggly too!

I should be sleeping said...

Thanks ladies!
Nova- it is very snuggly. An important feature in a hoodie I believe.

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