Sunday, July 11, 2010

A mixed bag of a day.

We've had highs and lows in our house today.
From a sad boy who I think is getting a 2yo molar...

To a very happy 3yo whose mum finished her new shirt!

The ruffle at the bottom is driving me crazy, but short of adjusting it every time she moves (!) I'm just going to have to let that go.

"Summer Ruffled Top", a free top-down seamless pattern for 8ply, knitted from stash in yummy chocolate brown and pink 100% wool.
I knitted the 3-5t size, and it's as written, apart from being 1" shorter at the bottom than suggested. I was worried at that point that I wouldn't have enough brown left to finish the sleeves, and this is how much wool I had left over...

so I was pretty close!

We finished off the modelling session with a Tea Party. As you do.

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