Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What do you do when...

You don't have enough stitches after the heel turn on a sock pattern you haven't knitted before, and you don't have enough brain space to figure out what went wrong?

You cast on something new in bigger yarn. Because bigger yarn makes me feel better somehow, like it's not mocking me with it's small stitches that are stupid to undo and redo and... Just stupid.

This will be a ruffled shirt for my 3yo girl, knit top down in stash 8ply 100% wool ... The ribbed section is the collar.

And you also buy these

So you can plan another project to further avoid the stupid stupid socks.

1 comment:

nova_j said...

haha funny how a small-ply sock can be fabulous motivation for doing anything BUT knitting that sock!! maybe you've just discovered the cure for procrastination? :D

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