Saturday, September 18, 2010

Baby Bunting

I love bunting. There's something so happy and festive and smile-giving and decorative about the colourful fabrics all strung up in a row.

I recently participated in a bunting swap on a nappy forum I'm on, where a group of us sent sets of 15 fabric triangles (all cut from the same online template) cut from our own stashes (so 30 individual cut triangles, but in pairs of the same fabric) to the organizer, who then mixed them all up and sent them back to us.

I was lucky enough to get back enough for two sets, and I sorted them into one light and pink and girly set for my 4yo girl, and one bright and colourful and fun set for my 2yo boy.

So yesterday, determined to get out of my creative funk, I sewed up not one, but TWO strings of bunting.

Girly goodness :)

And funky colours for my boy

I really love this one!

I learned some things while sewing these two.
Firstly - even though thinner, store-bought binding (as shown on the girly bunting) seems like it'd be harder to sew than wider, home-made binding (as shown on my boy's bunting) ... it's not. And the finished bunting hangs much better.

Secondly - colours are fun to play with, so play! Be brave. And if you're not sure of a particular flag, just don't put it in. I was unsure about the flag 4th from the left on my girl's bunting, and I should have just left it out.

Thirdly - if you want your bunting to hang evenly with a middle hook, then it needs to have an even number of flags. Otherwise you may need to improvise (as conveniently hidden in the bottom photo of the boy bunting).

I can definately see myself sewing some more of these in the future.

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