Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Not the bodily fluid kind (!). But the excited "woohoo!" exclamation when something really exciting happens .... like a darning foot for your sewing machine arriving in the mail.

Now, I did receive this about a week ago, but as all mothers with small children can probably appreciate, I had to wait until the stars aligned significantly for the smaller one to be asleep, the bigger one to be significantly distracted enough, and my energy levels to be enough to set up the machine, sort through the fabric, and to be brave enough to try and attach it to my machine when I've never even seen one in real life before!

And so all of that happened. And I took a deep breath ... and played a little.

You can see my attempts at getting the right tension on the bottom of that photo!

And I smiled. Such a long time thinking and doubting and thinking and waiting, so much worry about "will it fit my old machine?", "will I be able to lower the feed dogs?"...

But it was fine. And I'll practice, and it'll be a new skill to learn.
And it's ok that I'm not perfect at it straight away ;)

The first practice attempt was this potholder ... that my little girl informs me will be a pillow for her Barbie. Fine with me!

Which is not as wavy as it appears.

Red cotton, pink poly/cotton fleece, red gingham. Fine for a practice!

Off to google more freemotion quilting help ... anyone got any tips or suggestions for me?

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