Saturday, October 30, 2010

And the winner of the Giveawayis ...

Catherine from pencils and pins!

Will get in touch with you tomorrow to organise your package delivery :)

Thanks again to all who entered the draw.

Giveaway is now closed

Thanks to all who entered, to those who went to see Lovely Little Parties, and to those who became followers of my blog :)

The draw will take place tomorrow (Saturday). I'd do it now, but I'm very very tired. My machine came back (woohoo!) from the repairer (more on that in a future post) and I've been doing this...

And this ...

And even this!

Come back and see me tomorrow and we'll see who the winner is!

Friday, October 29, 2010

My day-late creative space

What's in the cupboard?

This loveliness :)

My sewing machine is at the repairer, and I feel a little like my arm has been cut off! In her absence, I thought I might show you my sewing space.
So, obviously that's my fabric cupboard. Holds everything fabric-y (other than nappy fabrics) - cottons, knits, sweatshirting, merino, randoms like sheer fabrics, blue velvet (?), patterns, and quilting stuff on the bottom shelf.

This is my machine, an Elna Jubilee from the 80's. Solid, reliable, mechanical, I know it. Can rely on it to do a great job.

And in it's natural habitat

Which is in our playroom, in one of these

A Horn sewing cabinet, inherited by me from some of hubby's relatives who were downsizing. Would I like it? Yes please!!
Some of my wool stash lives next to it.

And it looks like this in the sun :)

This is my high-tech quilting setup ;)

And I think these pictures are cute.

I told the machine repairer that my machine was like one of my children.
I eagerly await its return.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Giveaway time!

Giveaway is now closed - see above posts for the winner!

Time to share the love :)

Want to win this cool mix of stuff?

* 100g of Recycled Fibre yarn.
* A very cute book (lightly read) about how to make costumes for little ones.
* 1m of Vintage decorator-weight purple paisley fabric.

Seriously, how cute are these?

If you want to win, there's a couple of ways you can score an entry.

#1 : Go visit a new web business a friend of mine in Oz has started, Lovely Little Parties. She sells kids party invites, lolly bags, cute charity Christmas gift tags ... Go see, pick your favourite thing, and come back and comment on this post and tell me what it is = 2 entries

#2 : Put a shout-out on your blog and a link for Lovely Little Parties for your readers to check out, then tell me via comment on this post that you've done it = 2 entries

#3 : Become a follower of my blog = 1 entry

Entry is open to readers anywhere, and will close midnight October 30th. Draw and announcement of the winner will take place October 31st.

Happy playing!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


There's been waaaaaay too much unpicking instead of sewing going on in this baby quilt.

I think the timing might be out in my machine, I've broken/bent 4 needles while freemotion quilting within a very short space of time. I never break needles really in normal sewing, but even during my previous 5ish first hours of quilting, there was not a needle bent or broken.
And the upper thread keeps breaking, which is NOT something my lovely Elna ever does. It seems to actually be getting stuck in the upper tension discs, which, again, is not something my machine does. Sigh.

So now to find a servicing person who can fix it and get it back to me asap ... There's Christmas sewing to do!

Will be back a bit later with some giveaway news (come on, better late than never isn't it?).

Monday, October 25, 2010

Enjoying the process

After being slightly out of the home loop for the last couple of days, I've been trying to slow down and enjoy the little things today.

Some baking with the kids...

Some 'balls' for morning tea...

The surprising beauty found when chopping vegies.

Even the simplicity of a freshly mopped floor feels good, feels like a little victory today.

In other process news, there's been a WIP (work in progress) that's been shelved for a little while due to kids bedtime issues and sickness, but maybe blogging about it will give me some motivation to get the sewing machine out again.

My first quilt - well, it's really the first one to practice quilting on, then I'll do the two for Miss4yo and Mr2yo.
It's 3/4 quilted, freemotion with my new foot for my old Elna Jubilee sewing machine, and, as you can see by the foldmarks and wrinkles, has been put away for a couple of weeks now. Even within this cot sized quilt, my freemotion quilting has been improving in teeny tiny steps.
This was the start...

See how uneven and pulled it is?

Then about halfway through...

Weird spacing much?

And towards the end...

Much happier with that.

And it's good to know that with practice, I'll become more confident too.

It's quite freeing, this process stuff. It's almost as if these moments are the golden ones, the real ones, the ones I usually rush by to get to the finish line faster.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I wish I could take photos with my eyes.

I love photography. I love the way it catches a moment in time and lets us look at it, ponder it a moment, wonder at the details that otherwise can get lost as the minutes and hours and days go by. I love my beautiful Canon digital SLR camera, and the way I can play and see what images I can try and capture. I don't know a lot about the technical side of photography, which I feel frustrated by cause i cant always make photos look like i want them to.

But I know what I like. And I know what I want to take photos of, as I look through the lenses of my eyes, I see the detail or the action or the tender moment that I just wish I had a camera to capture, and the technical knowledge to be able to photograph it like I see it.

Tonight was like that.
Mr2yo was requesting cuggles (cuddles) from mummy as he was meant to be going to sleep. I've spent most of today sleeping as I haven't been feeling great, so he was potentially feeling the lack of mummy time.

I lay my head down on his pillow, tucked the blanket around him, listened to his breathing, and drunk in the simple, amazing beauty of that moment. His round cheeks, his eyelashes, his lips pressed together, his tiny nostrils moving slightly as he breathed in, and out.

I wished I had a camera, because I wanted to capture it all. I wanted to be able to remember forever, to breathe in that moment when he was small and wanted mum and, snuggled up in his blanket, was completely and perfectly content.

So I took a mental picture instead, and thanked God for this beautiful creature that I get to look after and cuggle.

Am not feeling great

And am quite behind in blogtoberfest.
So am substituting a photo of my boy for an actual post.

Googly eyes anyone?

Friday, October 22, 2010

If he was going to do this anyway

Couldn't he have done it at 5:30am instead of now?

He's not asleep, just snuggling into a lounge cushion watching tv.
A mama needs her sleep! We'll see what the day brings.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Today's creations

1. A sleep-in for me (courtesy of the best husband in the world).

2. Mint and sweet potato soup to use up some veggies. Mmm I love soup.

3. Some 'letters' that Miss4yo decided to write to thank people for coming to her birthday party. Which was a month ago. Her idea, such a sweet girl that one.
She had fun with stickers and pencils and envelopes.

And the baby girl thankyou notepaper I bought to use to thank people for the presents they gave us when she was born. At least someone is using it!

4. The start of sock #2 using my lovely Red Riding Hood Yarns 'Woodcutter' sock wool. Still loving this.

What did you create today?

Some days are just golden.

We hung out with a lovely friend the other day - her daughter had had her 2yo birthday party the day before so there were yummy leftovers to eat!
Our kids get on well, and we had such a lovely morning together.
It consisted of yummy food (no pics of that as we were too busy eating!) and alot of this ....
Rolling down their backyard in lots of different cars!

Then, after they were sick of that, there was some swinging to do on their balcony.

Just the right size for two little people :)

The kids were happy, we were happy, it was a golden morning together.

We came home, and I decided that we'd cook some microwave popcorn.
I put the corn kernels in, turned the microwave on, and then ducked out of the kitchen for a second. Just for a second.
And this happened.
What is it, you ask?
Always watch the popcorn.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So I figure I have some catching up to do

I was going so well with Blogtober and posting every day.

And then life happened ... Ah well. Better to be honest and go easy on myself and just get on with the job rather than eating helpings of guilt!

On Monday, while the kids and I were waiting for my hubby to finish at the doctor, we went for a walk down the street that the doctors was in, and found, what we call in Australia, an Op Shop (from the name Opportunity Shop), but what you might call a thrift store. We had a bit of a browse (going through a little shop with a stroller is never easy!) and found some cool stuff.
First, a book on sewing with knit fabrics - KnitWit.

And this beautifully colored one too

Which has some very cool stuff inside (sorry for the photos all being upside down, I can't fix that on my iPhone unfortunately)

Including a section on tailoring techniques

And even hand-sewing too

I feel like it's something that will be well-loved by me :)
The lady serving at the counter tried to only charge me $1.50, for both awesome books! I paid her what I thought they were really worth though ;)
And I also got a queenside sheet set (but its two flat sheets) in this gorgeously girly print

Which is destined for use in quiltmaking :)

We scored! And we had fun too.

My hubby is getting slowly better as the days go on, but he's still not 100%. Thank goodness for modern medicine.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Things are dire here

No post yesterday. And this morning I'm drinking instant coffee, just for the caffiene.

Hubby is sick, has been since Saturday. Doctors appt for him this morning.
So kids and I are up, and there's no real coffee in my future this morning. Hence the instant coffee for caffeine purposes only.

Will come back tonight with tonights post.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I don't often buy yarn

But this was too hard to say no to ;)

Some of the lovely ladies on a nappy forum I frequent have just done a HUGE co-op order from 100purewool, who stock hand-painted wool in beautiful colourways, in lace, fingering and worsted weights. The pictures of their haul were amazing!
I've also been thinking about diving into the lace knitting gauntlet to knit the Whisper Cardigan, like many other bloggers and ravelry-ians at the moment.

So with the Aussie dollar so good at the moment, I got out my trusty Debit Card and bought some yumminess.
I got two skeins of this in laceweight
 And one skein of this in fingering weight
Pretty good deal I thought, about $30AU for 3 skeins of 100g. Now, to stalk the letterbox :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

The halfway point of Christmas present #1

Celebrate good times, come on!

I do like it when there's a definate halfway point. Or just any tangible measuring-your-progress-while-knitting-man-socks points.

Friday nights are full of knitting and home makeover tv in this house for the mum of the family, and even though it took 2 hours for Mr2yo to go to sleep and 1.5 hours for Miss4yo, I did manage to sneak in a bit of both knitting and tv. If only I wasn't so tired I could do a bit more of both.

What did you do with your Friday night?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My creative space

Is not that creative today.
It's 9:44pm, Mr2yo has been asleep for 45 minutes after earlier sneakily ingesting an amount of Baby Vicks (so the Poisons Control helpline told us to keep him up for an hour), Miss4yo is still awake.

I'm sitting down to my knitting, but I don't feel the mojo tonight.
The going-to-bed-dramas are really taking it out of me. Any advice appreciated!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm sorry, but this is not a post.

It's just a photo.
But look at the teeny little bean!!!

Nature is awesome.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another truthful Tuesday

I've been trying to declutter, corner by corner, shelf by shelf. It's not easy to find places for things that don't already have a place, but I find throwing stuff out to be very satisfying! And the end result is always worth it.

Two declutters for today:
My cookbooks used to look like this:

And now they look like this:

I got rid of some we have never used, recycled the mini phone directory also never used, put the first-aid manuals with the medicine box... Generally sorted. Nice.

Next stop, the kids books. Used to look like this:

And now looks like this:

I got rid of ripped, unreadable books, and am taking some away to a bookswap I'm going to.

And in the spirit of Truthful Tuesdays, here is another washing lounge. Different lounge, different clean washing, same story.

I like Tuesdays, washing lounge and all.
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