Saturday, October 2, 2010

2 posts in 2 days...

So far so good :)

A lovely friend of mine had her birthday today, and I decided to make her some things to pamper herself with.
I bought some body lotion, a scented candle, a nail file (I know, but it was cute!), some chocolate, and made her these.

Yes, that is my unmown lawn and compost bin in the background!

The red one I knitted a long time ago (and had in our present box) from 8ply cotton, the others I crocheted with a 4mm hook as granny squares from 8ply bamboo (blue green and purple cloth) and 8ply organic cotton yarn (brown cloth). I made the brown one last night and the blue one today.
I put a note on the card saying 'you can use them as face cloths or dishcloths, but either way know that they are made with love'.

I have to say, I was loving making the granny squares! So quick, so gratifying, especially after the marathon stocking stitch of Miss 4yo's Pink Lily.

But more of that for another day :)

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