Saturday, October 9, 2010

8:40pm and 9:40pm

Are the times my two children fell asleep tonight, 2yo first and 4yo last. After bedtime started at 7pm. Sigh.

Which has severely cut into the knitting I was planning on doing, I'm up to the heel on my Globetrotter socks in the yummy Red Riding Hood Yarns sock wool.

But that's ok. I've done quite alot today, and though I have no photos to show you, hopefully my description will be enough for a virtual pat-on-the-back from Blogworld!

My kids have alot of clothes. Miss 4yo more so, as she has a few girls that send grown-out-of clothes her way. And when mine grow out of their clothes, I've been shamefully doing the big-pile-of-clothes-in-the-corner thing to deal with them. We also had 8 plastic bags of random sized clothes and shoes from other people.
And the pile was getting pretty big, and threatening to swallow up all who came near.

So today, in my kids 'rest time', I attacked the pile. And the bags. And I won! The pile and bags are now sorted and in different bags for too small, miss 4yo's clothes to grow into, mr 2yo's clothes to grow into. I also went through miss 4yo's drawers that were getting hard to close, and took out all the too-small stuff.

Though I do hate to double handle, they will again be gone through as I'm attending a kids clothes swap in a few days and want to get rid of a fair bit. I feel really good, as it was something I'd wanted to get through for awhile now, but was a bit scared of the size of the job if I'm honest!

So no craftiness for today. But I still feel accomplished, even if now I'm ready for bed after battling wits with the small ones for 2 and a half hours!

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