Wednesday, October 27, 2010


There's been waaaaaay too much unpicking instead of sewing going on in this baby quilt.

I think the timing might be out in my machine, I've broken/bent 4 needles while freemotion quilting within a very short space of time. I never break needles really in normal sewing, but even during my previous 5ish first hours of quilting, there was not a needle bent or broken.
And the upper thread keeps breaking, which is NOT something my lovely Elna ever does. It seems to actually be getting stuck in the upper tension discs, which, again, is not something my machine does. Sigh.

So now to find a servicing person who can fix it and get it back to me asap ... There's Christmas sewing to do!

Will be back a bit later with some giveaway news (come on, better late than never isn't it?).

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