Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A day with the family

Today was our scheduled family day in the week, and we crammed alot into our day together.
There was some bike riding to be done at a bike park, complete with roads, a roundabout and traffic lights!

Sometimes we stopped to eat cake ...
And go home and do some knitting. Still sock #1. Sigh. But the wool is lovely!

While I was at home, I was inspired to clean up some clutter after coming across this awesome blog last night. I was having trouble sleeping, and I read most of the posts on the blog and then turned off my iPhone at 1am! Clutter is definately a big problem in our house, for a couple of reasons. Obviously reason #1 is that we have too much stuff, but reason #2 is that when I clean, I get distracted. Go into another room to put something away, get distracted in there, start cleaning, go into another room to put something away .... and the cycle continues.
So today I picked 2 corners of my house to clean, and I didn't get distracted! I was pleased with my efforts. Might show some before and after pictures another day.

We finished the day with another bike ride, this time by the ocean, followed by pizza and icecream (which we paid for when we had two sugared up kids in the car on the way home!)
Awesome family day :)

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