Monday, October 25, 2010

Enjoying the process

After being slightly out of the home loop for the last couple of days, I've been trying to slow down and enjoy the little things today.

Some baking with the kids...

Some 'balls' for morning tea...

The surprising beauty found when chopping vegies.

Even the simplicity of a freshly mopped floor feels good, feels like a little victory today.

In other process news, there's been a WIP (work in progress) that's been shelved for a little while due to kids bedtime issues and sickness, but maybe blogging about it will give me some motivation to get the sewing machine out again.

My first quilt - well, it's really the first one to practice quilting on, then I'll do the two for Miss4yo and Mr2yo.
It's 3/4 quilted, freemotion with my new foot for my old Elna Jubilee sewing machine, and, as you can see by the foldmarks and wrinkles, has been put away for a couple of weeks now. Even within this cot sized quilt, my freemotion quilting has been improving in teeny tiny steps.
This was the start...

See how uneven and pulled it is?

Then about halfway through...

Weird spacing much?

And towards the end...

Much happier with that.

And it's good to know that with practice, I'll become more confident too.

It's quite freeing, this process stuff. It's almost as if these moments are the golden ones, the real ones, the ones I usually rush by to get to the finish line faster.

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