Saturday, October 16, 2010

I don't often buy yarn

But this was too hard to say no to ;)

Some of the lovely ladies on a nappy forum I frequent have just done a HUGE co-op order from 100purewool, who stock hand-painted wool in beautiful colourways, in lace, fingering and worsted weights. The pictures of their haul were amazing!
I've also been thinking about diving into the lace knitting gauntlet to knit the Whisper Cardigan, like many other bloggers and ravelry-ians at the moment.

So with the Aussie dollar so good at the moment, I got out my trusty Debit Card and bought some yumminess.
I got two skeins of this in laceweight
 And one skein of this in fingering weight
Pretty good deal I thought, about $30AU for 3 skeins of 100g. Now, to stalk the letterbox :)


Rainbow Child said...

oh yum!!!!!!!!!!!!! whats the fingering one called?

I should be sleeping said...

Yummy, hey!

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