Sunday, October 24, 2010

I wish I could take photos with my eyes.

I love photography. I love the way it catches a moment in time and lets us look at it, ponder it a moment, wonder at the details that otherwise can get lost as the minutes and hours and days go by. I love my beautiful Canon digital SLR camera, and the way I can play and see what images I can try and capture. I don't know a lot about the technical side of photography, which I feel frustrated by cause i cant always make photos look like i want them to.

But I know what I like. And I know what I want to take photos of, as I look through the lenses of my eyes, I see the detail or the action or the tender moment that I just wish I had a camera to capture, and the technical knowledge to be able to photograph it like I see it.

Tonight was like that.
Mr2yo was requesting cuggles (cuddles) from mummy as he was meant to be going to sleep. I've spent most of today sleeping as I haven't been feeling great, so he was potentially feeling the lack of mummy time.

I lay my head down on his pillow, tucked the blanket around him, listened to his breathing, and drunk in the simple, amazing beauty of that moment. His round cheeks, his eyelashes, his lips pressed together, his tiny nostrils moving slightly as he breathed in, and out.

I wished I had a camera, because I wanted to capture it all. I wanted to be able to remember forever, to breathe in that moment when he was small and wanted mum and, snuggled up in his blanket, was completely and perfectly content.

So I took a mental picture instead, and thanked God for this beautiful creature that I get to look after and cuggle.


JJ said...

I so know how you feel. Those moments are the ones you want to remember forever and it's almost sad knowing that they are going to grow up and away from that. Treasure the moments - like you have by writing it down.

I should be sleeping said...

Thanks for your comment, j-j.
It definately was a moment I want to remember- but the hopefulness in me thinks as well, there will be different kinds of wonderful moments as he grows older too.
Ahh parenting. Who knew watching your heart walk outside your body would be so hard and amazing and wonderful?

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