Friday, October 29, 2010

My day-late creative space

What's in the cupboard?

This loveliness :)

My sewing machine is at the repairer, and I feel a little like my arm has been cut off! In her absence, I thought I might show you my sewing space.
So, obviously that's my fabric cupboard. Holds everything fabric-y (other than nappy fabrics) - cottons, knits, sweatshirting, merino, randoms like sheer fabrics, blue velvet (?), patterns, and quilting stuff on the bottom shelf.

This is my machine, an Elna Jubilee from the 80's. Solid, reliable, mechanical, I know it. Can rely on it to do a great job.

And in it's natural habitat

Which is in our playroom, in one of these

A Horn sewing cabinet, inherited by me from some of hubby's relatives who were downsizing. Would I like it? Yes please!!
Some of my wool stash lives next to it.

And it looks like this in the sun :)

This is my high-tech quilting setup ;)

And I think these pictures are cute.

I told the machine repairer that my machine was like one of my children.
I eagerly await its return.

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Virginia said...

Wow, now you are inspiring me to get spring cleaning. I really need to get into the kids wardrobes and clear stuff out again as well as reorganise......sigh!

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