Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So I figure I have some catching up to do

I was going so well with Blogtober and posting every day.

And then life happened ... Ah well. Better to be honest and go easy on myself and just get on with the job rather than eating helpings of guilt!

On Monday, while the kids and I were waiting for my hubby to finish at the doctor, we went for a walk down the street that the doctors was in, and found, what we call in Australia, an Op Shop (from the name Opportunity Shop), but what you might call a thrift store. We had a bit of a browse (going through a little shop with a stroller is never easy!) and found some cool stuff.
First, a book on sewing with knit fabrics - KnitWit.

And this beautifully colored one too

Which has some very cool stuff inside (sorry for the photos all being upside down, I can't fix that on my iPhone unfortunately)

Including a section on tailoring techniques

And even hand-sewing too

I feel like it's something that will be well-loved by me :)
The lady serving at the counter tried to only charge me $1.50, for both awesome books! I paid her what I thought they were really worth though ;)
And I also got a queenside sheet set (but its two flat sheets) in this gorgeously girly print

Which is destined for use in quiltmaking :)

We scored! And we had fun too.

My hubby is getting slowly better as the days go on, but he's still not 100%. Thank goodness for modern medicine.

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