Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some days are just golden.

We hung out with a lovely friend the other day - her daughter had had her 2yo birthday party the day before so there were yummy leftovers to eat!
Our kids get on well, and we had such a lovely morning together.
It consisted of yummy food (no pics of that as we were too busy eating!) and alot of this ....
Rolling down their backyard in lots of different cars!

Then, after they were sick of that, there was some swinging to do on their balcony.

Just the right size for two little people :)

The kids were happy, we were happy, it was a golden morning together.

We came home, and I decided that we'd cook some microwave popcorn.
I put the corn kernels in, turned the microwave on, and then ducked out of the kitchen for a second. Just for a second.
And this happened.
What is it, you ask?
Always watch the popcorn.

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