Sunday, October 3, 2010

The thrill of the new.

I'm not sure what it is about starting a new project ...

But it's a great feeling.

Almost as good as finishing :)

Size 4, Oriental Lily with short sleeves, knitted entirely from stash acrylic. Why acrylic? Because the 4yo in question decided she wanted it to be pink and purple, and I didn't have enough pink and purple wool.
As it is acrylic, I obviously can't block it, and the bottom hem is curling up. Ah well, life goes on. It's kinda cute I think.

And a before bed shot (yes, she did wear it to bed also!) in the bathroom to show the short sleeves. Apologies for the dodgy bathroom lighting.

It's a bit big for her in the bodice, but that's ok, it'll just fit her for a bit longer.

Now, off to keep knitting with my lovely Red Riding Hood Yarns 'Woodcutter' sock wool.


JJ said...

Hi there, have you tried pinning and using the steam function on your iron to block it. You don't let the iron touch the yarn, just hover it above. I did my first jacket this way and it seemed to work really well - a lot bulkier than this pretty knit but it might work.

I should be sleeping said...

Hey, thanks for the info :)
I did consider trying to block it with the iron, but I've decided I like the rolled look.
Might need to do it when she gets a bit taller though :)

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