Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Truthful Tuesday

I've been inspired by a fellow blogger to present a true picture of what my life was today, without using posed photos and only showing the good bits and conveniently leaving out the everyday!

So. This is what one of my lounges looks like today.

It's looked like it all day and I just can be bothered cleaning it.
It's clean washing. I hate folding.

That's my little bit of truthfulness in blogging photos today.

Today I made 3 bowls of cereal, 3 ham and cheese sandwiches, refilled water bottles 4 times, did 2 loads of washing, stripped and cleaned a queensize bed that miss 4yo had had an accident on, did a load of dishes in the dishwasher, swept the floor, supervised bike riding, gave out 100 arrowroot biscuits, cooked burritos for dinner, put both kids to bed, and am now sitting down to tv, blogging, and new Survivor on tv!

And house chaos still reigns around me. But for now, I choose to ignore it.

What did you do today? Tell the truth, now ;)


Nicole said...

nothing wrong with clean washing :o)

after a rainy long weekend, where i didnt do any house work, but spent my time looking out at the rain & reading has left my house in a state of disorder, who wants to live in a show home anyway :o)

I should be sleeping said...

Not me! But I am trying to figure out the balance between 'show home' and 'what is that green smelly thing in the corner? Meh, I'll leave it there'.
Your weekend sounds like it was good though :)

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