Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This morning at my place

3:59am: Household asleep.

4am: mr2yo climbed up into our bed. Didn't have the energy to take him back to his bed. He falls asleep and pushes me to the edge of the bed.

6am: Hubby gets up to get ready for work. miss4yo awake and runs into my bed, mr2yo stirs and I brace myself for him waking up.
They both settle in and snooze away- woohoo!

6:45am: mr2yo up, hubby asking me where his keys are. I get up to hang our with mr2yo and hubby makes me a coffee before he goes to work - what a legend of a hubby I have!

6:47am: Rice Bubbles and Weetbix with my mr2yo. He tells me about his spoon being a skateboard.

7am: While mr2yo rifles through the toys in our toyroom, I settle down onto our lounge with a blanket to watch him play. Cold in our house this morning, raining outside.

7:05am: He joins me and we watch some kid tv snuggled up in our blanket, listening to the rain.

7:30am: He informs me it's time for yoghurt. I make him a bowl of yoghurt and apple slices to dip in it, which he loves. While he's eating I pack 2 lunchboxes for when we'll go to playgroup later today.

7:40am: More lounge blankets for me, playing with blocks for him.

8:10am- miss4yo still asleep. Toy Story 2 playing in the background. Will have to wake her up soon. I think about writing a blog post.

How's your morning so far?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's been awhile...

I think Blogtoberfest might have worn me out!
So many posts in one month...
Anyone else feeling it?

I got my 100purewool delivery though :)
It's lovely lovely lovely!

Need to wind it. And pet it some more. And then decide what to knit with it.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Who knew...

They made bowling shoes this small?

So he could do this?

Who knew... I'd find hand-winding 100g of laceweight wool therapeutic?

And who knew such joy could come from making little Cupcake stands (courtesy of Lovely Little Parties)?

(there's 6 in a pack, but we just made two for now).

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

You say goodbye, and I say Hello ...

Hello, hello :)

A quilt. The quilt. The first quilt I ever quilted. I'm sure, in years to come, this blog post will be looked at by myself as some kind of 'whoa, that really sucked!' moment, or perhaps a 'I seriously gave that away? But it's not perfect! What was I thinking?' moment.

Either way, it's done, washed on hot and shrunk a little in the drier for some crinkly goodness, and I'm going to show it to you.

Disclaimer: I was home alone with two 'resting' children when taking these photos. It is actually straight in real life.

The middle panel, right and left sides, and backing are all upcycled from a 'quilt' (by which I mean, some thick polyester ripped batting in the middle, the only quilting stitched in a big rectangle near the edge) I found at our church's Market Day (kindof like a fair) last year.The rest of the fabrics are yellows from stash.

Have a look at the quilting. See how brave I am for posting these pics?

And the backing. A strategically placed photo to not show too much of the pulls in the fabric.
So why goodbye? This first of mine is going in the quilting world is going to be a Christmas present for a not-yet-born niece or nephew of mine. And they will not care about the imperfections that I see - it will hopefully keep them warm - we've given it lots of hugs for them already.

And hello? I have something delicious to introduce to you - my latest purchases from Red Riding Hood Yarns  -  'Walk in the Woods' in sock yarn and 'Zeus' in laceweight (eek!).

These colours are amazing (truer in this photo though)- aren't you glad I introduced you?
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