Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This morning at my place

3:59am: Household asleep.

4am: mr2yo climbed up into our bed. Didn't have the energy to take him back to his bed. He falls asleep and pushes me to the edge of the bed.

6am: Hubby gets up to get ready for work. miss4yo awake and runs into my bed, mr2yo stirs and I brace myself for him waking up.
They both settle in and snooze away- woohoo!

6:45am: mr2yo up, hubby asking me where his keys are. I get up to hang our with mr2yo and hubby makes me a coffee before he goes to work - what a legend of a hubby I have!

6:47am: Rice Bubbles and Weetbix with my mr2yo. He tells me about his spoon being a skateboard.

7am: While mr2yo rifles through the toys in our toyroom, I settle down onto our lounge with a blanket to watch him play. Cold in our house this morning, raining outside.

7:05am: He joins me and we watch some kid tv snuggled up in our blanket, listening to the rain.

7:30am: He informs me it's time for yoghurt. I make him a bowl of yoghurt and apple slices to dip in it, which he loves. While he's eating I pack 2 lunchboxes for when we'll go to playgroup later today.

7:40am: More lounge blankets for me, playing with blocks for him.

8:10am- miss4yo still asleep. Toy Story 2 playing in the background. Will have to wake her up soon. I think about writing a blog post.

How's your morning so far?

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