Thursday, December 16, 2010

Taking a Christmas knitting break

Cause my fingers are getting sore!
Yesterday morning I started winding the wool (Red Riding Hood Yarns sock in 'Posie of Pansies') for my last knitted (but I do have much more sewing to do!) Christmas present, a pair of Dolce socks for my lovely sisterinlaw.

This is where I'm up to with the pair... This far on sock #1:

So the cuff and leg are done, and I'm partway through the heel. I'm mentally flipping around between giving up (though there's still 8 days to go, I do have other things to do!) and getting seduced back by the amazing colours of the yarn (neither photo does it justice) and the easy to remember and addictive lace Dolce sock pattern. I'll keep you posted as to how I'm going- feel free to comment and cheer me on though!

I do have a finished object to block (woohoo!), the never-ending Zeus-bel, a large Ishbel shawl in laceweight Red Riding Hood Yarns 'Zeus' colourway which is a Christmas present for my mum, who is also a knitter so will hopefully appreciate all the work that went into it!
This photo was taken just as I started casting off- such a great feeling as it felt like it was just taking forever.

So obviously a photo shoot for that one will come soon too :)

In other tree-decorating news: we did find time to decorate the tree. It was a good family time. And since then I've been rescuing ornaments, tinsel and various tree things from the hands of mr2yo and miss4yo. I'm not sure how much longer the tree itself will be up for, but for now, most of the ornaments look like this:

Huddled together at the top of the tree for their own protection.


JJ said...

How hard is it to get it all done - I'm finding it's a race for the finish. You go girl - you can do it!

Virginia said...

Love the pretty purple yarn. That is my fave.

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