Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why does it need to be perfect?

When she's having this much fun making it?

Miss4yo and I put together and decorated a gingerbread house the other day. I bought the kit from my church (which had held a community event to make gingerbread houses) with premade and precut gingerbread, lollies to decorate, royal icing, and pins (important for the construction phase). Miss4yo and I were very excited to make our gingerbread house, and took the opportunity after Mr2yo fell asleep during his midday 'rest'.

We had a great time, mostly because my input into the project was purely in the construction of the house, and in assisting with decoration in this way ...

Yup. My job was to put the icing onto the things miss4yo was sticking onto the house.

If I'm being honest, I find it difficult not to take over. My internal perfectionist voice wants it to match, to be symmetrical, to look pretty, to turn out as something to be admired by others. But the thing is, if we made it like that, it would be ME making it like that, not both of us enjoying it together, and especially not Miss4yo being creative without me directing her in how to do that (read: creating a mini-me instead of allowing and encouraging her to be herself!). So I put the icing on the lollies, she stuck them on, we talked, laughed, and made frogponds (icing glooped onto the stand) with frogs (silver icing balls) and tadpoles (smaller sprinkles) and logs for them to sit on (licorice chocolate bullets).

And the outcome? Awesome on all counts. Yes we also have a finished gingerbread house, but we had a great time no matter what it turned out like.


ottomania said...

That looks great.How wonderful not to have to do the baking but just have fun with the decorating.

JJ said...

Oh my goodness that sounds like me - I just have to shut my eyes and let her eat half the mixture, cut the cookie shapes haphazardly and push the gingerbread mans eyes right through his head. Am learning fast that it's better that I just measure the ingredients and let her get on with the mixing - if I want perfect I do it after the initial fun of together time (I have Miss 4yo and Mr 2yo too)

I should be sleeping said...

Thanks ladies, it was definately easier not to have to do the baking too!
Mr2yo would have LOVED to help I'm sure, but that would have added a different level of crazy to the mix. Maybe next year :)

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