Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sometimes I need to take the time

And look at what's around me, to think about what I'm doing as I do it.

To see the sunset shining on our trampoline.

To see the dragonfly on my mr3yo's jeans on the washing line.

To ignore the washing and take a moment for me, just me. Well, me and good coffee :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Things I learned today

1. I should not stay up late watching bad reality television. My tomorrow-morning self will not thank me.

2. There is a small lizard that likes to hang out on a should-be-pulled-out-of-the-ground-already lettuce in my garden.

3. My garden nemesis is onion weed.

4. The time to realize you have used your size 4mm Knitpicks interchangeable needles for the entire body of a shrug instead of your 4.5mm, is not when you've knit said entire body section, picked up lots of extra stitches, and are looking for your 4mm to do the ribbing. Not fun to find that out at that point, at all.

5. Sometimes, my miss5yo still wants to be like her mum and take photos of her shoes.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My mum taught me how to knit

And my Nanna (my mum's mum) taught me how to crochet.

My Nanna and Grandfather lived in a retirement village, an hour or two's drive from where we lived. School holidays at Nanna's place were spent eating food she'd baked for us, riding our bikes (my brother and I) on the paths and mini-roads around the nursing home, bushwalking in the reserve behind the village, and (me) learning to crochet.
She didn't teach me the names of the stitches, apart from chain, just how to make granny squares. So we made, and made, and made.
And she made this for me, back before red was even my favorite colour.

It's just a little wider than a single bed. Made from soft acrylic in cream, pinks, and red, which many would probably turn their crafty noses up at (me too, at times!), but it has stood the test of washing and using over time and still looks great.

Now my miss5yo has it on her bed to keep her warm, and I love that she's using something made so long ago, made with such love.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

"Pencil skirts in shades of grey"

Overheard at a cafe today from child-free parties as I kid-wrangled...

"I'm so glad to just have one subject left to do, and then I can start my life, imagine all the shopping time I'll have".

"I don't have any responsibilities but sometimes I think maybe there is more to life than sleeping and beer... Then I crack another cold one".

"There was the most gorgeous pencil skirt in shades of grey, I just had to have it. I know, but I can wear it to work and when I go out too".

The grass isn't necessarily greener, but it does inspire a sense of longing for times past. Before my owly growly voice was used this often and I could sleep in and go to a cafe. Without saying things like 'no, stop that, one, two ....'. Sigh.

But then I look at the gorgeous faces that call me mummy, and shopping, sleep, and pencil skirts do lose their sheen.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Let's all pretend...

That it hasn't been almost a month between posts. Ok? Cool.

I've been writing blog posts in my head though. Does that count?
Posts about playing in the winter sun with my kids.

And posts about gardening.

And all the baking I've been doing.

And a really cool post about how miss4yo and I have discovered our local library, and how we spent ages looking for Wally in a 'Where's Wally' book that I probably read when I was in primary school.

And knitting. Of course knitting.

Unfortunately, there's just enough of life to deal with in today's stuff and jobs and little victories and hard bits and the extraordinary and the ordinary ... let alone going back and covering all of that. So let's pretend you read about it, you liked it, you even commented (!), and you're hungry for more.
Me? I'll try to oblige with the 'more' at a more frequent (or at least regular) pace. Cool? Awesome.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A spot of tea.

An elderly neighbour invited my children and I in for tea this afternoon (brave soul that she is!). We often speak in passing, about our gardens (theirs gorgeous, mine currently feeling a distinct lack of love in the wintertime!), our shared love of growing tomatoes, how big my kids are growing. Through the passage of our criss-crossing lives, we actually know each other quite well.

But I'd never been inside their house. So this afternoon, when they invited us in, I said yes.

I did pre-warn them: "You know my kids are going to touch everything, right?"
The reply" 'Don't worry love, we dont have anything expensive for them to break".

We walked inside, they put on the kettle, asked me how I took my tea (black with no sugar, thanks for asking), and a packet of biscuits appeared on a sweet little serving dish as if by magic.

My mr2yo needed the bathroom, so I took him.

We finished in the bathroom, and walked back out into their kitchen, to find miss4yo playing with a basket of toys, explained to be the great-grandchildren's stash that is brought out when they come to visit.

Then miss4yo needed the bathroom, so I took her.

We finished in the bathroom (again), and walked back out to the kitchen to find mr2yo playing his version of 'snap' with some well-loved cards he'd found. I sat at the table with my friend, sipping tea from a gorgeous teacup, with a saucer (!), and eating Shortbread creams.
They didn't mind that my kids made a mess. They told me that, for birthdays and Christmas, instead of buying their great-grandchildren more toys that they don't need (because they have so many) they are buying them something small and putting money aside for them for later in life (which won points with this toy-infested-cluttered-too-much-stuff housekeeper!). They played games and did jigsaws with my kids. They didn't mind when the toys were everywhere.

It was a lovely afternoon, and I'm glad that I accepted their invitation in for tea instead of returning inside my house to whatever 'important' thing I would have done otherwise.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Right yarn...

(100purewool worsted 3ply in 'Passionate', much more maroon and pink than shown), WRONG pattern for it (Garden City by Sheryl from Shortly Stitches which is a lovely lovely pattern- just not in this yarn!).

Right yarn (Bendigo Woollen Mills 'Luxury' 8ply in 'Iris Mist'), right pattern (Olearia, by the very talented Tikki).

This photo was taken in the afternoon sun at my kitchen door- I turn into a bit of a reptile in the winter and I'll gladly sit on the floor if it means I can get warm!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Exciting things ...

Exciting things have still been happening, with all that knitting going on.
I went to my first preschool Mothers Day party (well, unless went when I myself went to preschool [which is the year before school starts here in Australia, more school-preparation focused than daycare generally, but not compulsory for all children, most kids that attend go 2-3 days per week]).

I had to take one of my old shoes, and my beautiful miss4yo and I made this creation.

I wish I'd taken a photo of the display to show you all, but just picture lots of painted shoes hanging up like this one!

Another exciting thing that happened was the start of Pay-It-Forward 2011 - no, I wasn't organised enough yet to send off my two packages, but I recieved mine, from Clare @ Green Valley Crafts

The gorgeous handmade tag- love the lace!
 The package itself:
And where it went (on my shirt) about 15 seconds after I ripped open the package :) I would have taken a face-included photo but for some reason that day I wasn't feeling particularly photogenic!

So Mummyzilla and Ottomania - please email me (latenightcreativity at hotmail dot com)your postal addresses and any ideas for what you'd like me to make for you/your kids - I'm feeling a bit idea-poor but I'd love to get a start on your items :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I know.

I know it's been over a month. I know. I know I haven't posted. I know you all will have been wondering where I am, what I'm doing.
The answer is: knitting. And knitting and knitting and knitting! My business is going really well, which means not much else has been happening in terms of general craftiness.
But today... Ah today. The stars magically aligned enough that I had about 3 (count them, three!) hours at home, ALL BY MYSELF. That is completely my way of recharging.

So I did a bit of this:

And, excitingly enough, I got out my sewing machine (for the first time in months) and finished free-motion quilting my boys first quilt (more reflections on that to come), made the binding, and machine sewed on one side of the binding.

All that is left now is to handstitch the other side down and it will be done. Today was awesome!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's a rainbow

The kids and I go to a Mainly Music group during the week, and have done since they were quite small. One of the favorites in our house is the Rainbow song, and I though it might be nice to catch up on some happenings around here ... Musically.

Deep breath everyone...

'Take a little bit of red'
(tags I made for my knitting)

'And a little bit of orange'
(self explanatory, yes? Mmmm)

'Add a stripe of yellow'
(perhaps I should have moved the shelves down?)

'And a stripe of green'
(a sock project I wish had've gone much faster).

'A little bit of blue'
(ahh, trampoline hair!)

'A bit of indigo'
(mmmm yummy Red Riding Hood Yarns sock wool that I'm knitting a few rows of here and there when my shop FO's are cast off).

'Don't forget the violet'
(again, some delicious Red Riding Hood Yarns yarn, this time in 8ply superwash)

'And what do you know?
It's a rainbow.'

'A wonderful wonderful colorful colorful magical magical ... Shining rainbow.'

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mr2yo is now Mr3yo!

And over this past weekend, we celebrated with a little, simple party. 

He's requested a yellow Wiggles cake - so my head said yellow icing, Wiggles icing transfer (and then sport icing pictures that my mother-in-law had contributed also). He loved it (and ate one of the icing pictured before this picture was taken).
 We had a bbq - sausages, chicken skewers, salad, and bread rolls. 
 We played pass-the-parcel
 Ate jelly cups
 And the birthday boy had a great time playing with everyone.
 And this was the winning present - a bag of tennis balls for my sporty 3yo little man.
Happy Birthday mr3yo - you are so loved, so enjoyed, and such a lovely little man. 

P.S. Thanks for those of you who commented on my cobwebby post. It feels good to be 'back' :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Do you think I should do something about the cobwebs on this page?

I've thought alot about how to write this post. Going over in my head the different angles to take, the different points to raise, how to write without seeming too critical ... and the days ticked over. And again. And again.

So now, more than a month later, I'm just going to write it.

In the last month, I've started up a web-based business, selling my knitted creations. It's based on a popular social networking site, which is linked to my personal profile on that site.

And this is the reason I've wondered about what to post here, on my blog. A blog that nobody (apart from one lovely person who has a secret blog of her own!) in my person-to-person face-to-face everyday 'real life' (ok, apart from my husband) knows that I have. A blog on which I feel like I have the freedom to write what I want, when I want to. That I can show whatever part of my life, crafty or kid-related, personal or not, without filtering myself based on who I think could read it and be offended/think differently of me/not know what to say.

A blog that is mine, just for me, and one which I feel quite protective about.

I've thought about what to do - do I advertise on here for the shop? Do I link from the shop to here? Do I write on my business cards (yes, as of today, I have actual real beautiful business cards!) this web address and hope that my posts here somehow inspire people to buy my stuff?

Anyway, in case the intentional vagueness of this post hasn't tipped you off, I won't be doing any of that.
For me, blog and business are going to be separate, at least for now. I like it here - maybe one day I'll be brave enough to share it with the world and not care about what people around me will think of it and me and the things I spend my time making.

I know its probably much bigger for me than for any of you. And I also know there are a few of you that know the business that I'm talking about. If you don't mind humouring me, can we keep it just between us? It's really going to be much nicer here without me spruiking my stuff in every post anyway.

P.S. For those playing along at home with the last post - I chose the sparkly ones :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

I have a question for you ....

 Which one of these do you like
For this?
I think I'm leaning towards the sparkly one. Any thoughts?

Thursday, March 31, 2011

My creative space today ...

Today my creative space is full of doing the little jobs you have to do at the end of knitting projects, like sewing on buttons, sewing in the ends, organising your needles, and sewing on chin ties for newborn earflap hats. 

It's not the most exciting way to be creative, but at least once the jobs are done you can move on to more fun things, like using this recently-delivered yumminess ...

Miss4yo wanted to share her creative space today as well - however, the coffee is most certainly mine!

How are you being creative today? Come over to kootoyoo and play along.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Road trip

We're going on another road trip to see the 'drive-on-the-fast-road-to-see-them' (miss4yo's interpretation of going on a highway) family today.

We've all bought our 'essential' items:
Mr2yo bought his Teddy and pillow

Miss4yo bought her Beauty and the Beast pillow, and her butterfly bag, full of hairties, lip gloss, and nail polish- girly much?

And for me, caffiene, sugar, and knitting for the trip.

See you when we get back!
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