Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Holiday of a Million Coffees

Don't get me wrong. I like coffee. I love it actually. I love the taste, the social side of it, the moment that is instantly created when a lovely warm cup is set down in front of you for you to enjoy.
But in the last two days, I've had a whole lot of coffee, so much so that today I had to stop drinking a beautiful cup halfway through it because I just couldn't do it, captain!
Yesterday I drank 4 coffees while traipsing around Melbourne via tram and my two feet.
Today, I drank 3 cups and stretched for (but didn't quite reach, I think) a new level in coffee snobbery.
This handsome man:

and I went to Market Lane, which is a specialty café and coffee roastery, located in the Prahran Market.

We were there to both taste their coffee normally (after a great experience there this time last year) and to do what's known in the coffee world as 'cupping'.

Now I know very little about this, but basically cupping is a way to learn about the flavour and character of different coffee beans, by smelling them when they're whole, after being ground, and tasting and scoring each bean on lots of different things like balance, acidity, flavor, and body.

Husband: in his absolute element.
Me: Completely out of my depth.

I felt nervous, I didn't want to say the wrong thing, and I was unsure what the procedure was (though it was explained to me very well, I was just wanting to be perfect at it first try!) so I felt a bit shy.

But we had a great time, and I certainly learned things and enjoyed myself, once I realized it wasn't a test and we were doing something pretty cool together.

My favourite was bean #5, and it turned out that the other three people in the room (who were all baristas!) thought it was the best one too- so maybe I'm not as unknowledgeable as I thought.


rainy day knitter said...

We have some common interests - namely knitting and COFFEE! Glad to find your blog. I will definitely be following! :)

Anne (I should be sleeping) said...

Thanks for the compliment :) Coffee and knitting are such a good match!

mikka said...

Hooray for coffee! That looks like so much fun! I would be totally overwhelmed at a tasting too (and I used to work in a coffee shop, where i never totally got used to trying to talk about the different blends. fortunately, almost no one ever asked.)

Jaz said...

Coffee is brilliant, but I can only drink two cups a day really! Unless it's my coffee and caramel one that the health food shop sells (no idea why!) because that really is good coffee!
Glad you had a nice time!
GoodGoneGirl (ravelry!)

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