Saturday, January 1, 2011

A new look for a New Year

Welcome to 2011, welcome to the new look around here.

Change is good ... yes?
I fight change most of the time. Big changes anyway. Little ones are fine, like the way a room might look in my house, or cutting my hair differently, or using a different fabric or wool in something I'm making than what I'd usually use. Thats fine.
But big ones? Not so great with those. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and unfortunately hand in hand with that can come some control freak tendencies ... so big changes scare me, they make me feel out of control and like I don't know where to throw in the anchor or what to hold on to.

Having said all of that - like a lot of you, I'd like 2011 to be the year of some changes, both big and small, in my life.  My husbands job is changing this year, my miss4yo will be off to preschool 3 days a week, and as of a few days ago, apparently we're toilet training mr2yo (I say 'apparently' cause his being 'ready' kind of snuck up on me - even though toilet training is obviously the end goal, I'd selfishly also like to just have him in nappies on my holiday so I can relax a bit more!). There's lots of stuff happening already for this control freak to get her head around.

But it's still exciting. I'm looking forward to what the year will bring. I'm looking forward to (fingers crossed!) having more time to be creative in whatever way, and am looking forward to including miss 4yo more and more in creative stuff.

I'd like to do more photography, learn more knitting techniques, finish the two quilts that I started for the kids a LONG time ago, do some more tutorials for this place, and get to know more lovely people out in the blogosphere.

Oh, and eating better, doing more exercise, having a cleaner house, being a better parent, and world peace would be nice too.

So bring it on 2011 - I'm ready.

What are you ready for this year?


Virginia said...

Love the new look! And I'm with you this year too. I really need to get a bit more focussed and unclutter my mind so I can stop feeling so overwhelmed and just move forward!!

Me said...

New Years are such a fab 'reason' for a new start, and little changes can be so positive and refreshing. I love it. My little one also started nursery for 2 and a half days a week this month, and the changes in us all as a reult have been fab. I haven't made resolutions as such, but I'm liking the 'blank page' feel- I'm full of optimism. Good luck with your goals!

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