Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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Well, not really. But I do love it!

There's been alot of holiday life living, kid wrangling, new year life organization, and avoidance of housework going on around here. Unfortunately, not alot of knitting or sewing.
But there has been Barbie-playing

And even jam-making! Look at these beautiful plums simmering away ...

And of course, miss4yo wanted to help, but the jam was a bit hot for 4yo hands, so instead she made a label, practicing her letters.

If you look really hard, it says 'Blum Jam' (she misheard me when I spelled out the words for her).

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Anonymous said...

January is a good month for chilling out with the kids and catching up on life so you are ready for when the creativity hits (well...that is my excuse for my lack of creativity :-) )

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