Wednesday, January 26, 2011


On a cool afternoon (well, cooler than the 35' day we had here yesterday!), while my babies pushed their pretend babies on their swings

I strolled around my garden having a look at where things are up to, 2/3 of the way through a hot summer here in Australia.

This is our corn

And this is how big the biggest ear of corn is.

This is one of the few strawberries that either the kids or birds haven't eaten- I have big hopes for next year!

And though the tomatoes are mostly done, here are some hopeful flowers just coming up

Apart from that, there are the broccoli and basil (which will have a row of sunflowers behind it)

And these broccoli in pots too.

The beans are chugging along

And this is what's next to our front/back door: chillies and pretties, and soon some more sunflowers in that pot.

Apart from all this, we are planning for winter, and have been planting seeds

Buying seedlings
(silverbeet, lettuce and eggplants)

And even digging garden beds in the cool of the evening.

I love going out in the cool, after the kids are in bed, to water and potter and weed and find surprises, like this one.

I don't remember planting anything in this pot- ah well, time will reveal what it is!

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Rach said...

Love the title of your blog - it says so much : )

Nice garden pics too!

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