Monday, March 21, 2011

Colours of our little world

An amazing white flowery plant on the way to preschool... Anyone know what it is?

Miss4yo's self-painted purple toenails

Pink frangipanis wet from the rain

And yellow sunflowers standing tall.

Purpley-black eggplants getting bigger

My knitting in brown, pink, and green

And some yummy roast vegies and apple.

The mundane colours of our world too...

And miss4yo's pretty pink umbrella. If you must go out in the rain, go in style.


knottygal said...

lovely colors.. love the roast veggies.. they look yummy.. Spring is here too and I feel happy to see the trees in full bloom.. :-)

MayaB said...

I love sunflowers! I plan to plant some seeds here as soon as the weather allows it. Nice to be reminded of that even in our everyday life we are surrounded by colours.

gluecksfisch said...

I've seen this white flowery plant before but I don't know it's name. It's truly amazing.
Love the frangipanis too. I wish I had my own garden...

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